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Our practice offers a cutting edge approach to functional medicine in Portage. We utilize the most effective technologies and diagnostic tools available. Our approach of integrating conventional and functional medicine with the most advanced natural therapies allows us to target the underlying causes of poor health. Our treatment in Portage include chiropractic are, massage therapy, hormone therapy, medical weight loss, and more. This functional medicine approach treats the whole body as a system, instead of only focusing on symptoms. The dedicated team of physicians, chiropractors, nutritionists and massage therapists at Portage’s Vitality Healthcare have extensive training and experience.

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“To educate, empower and create the opportunity to restore health for those who are ready for change."



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An adult human spine typically consists of 26 moveable segments: seven cervical vertebras, twelve thoracic vertebras, five lumbar vertebras, one sacrum, and one coccyx (tailbone). Intervertebral discs separate the segments from the second cervical vertebra down to the sacrum and a thinner disc is present between the sacrum and coccyx. Intervertebral discs comprise about 25% […]

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In the film classic “The Empire Strikes Back,” the iconic Jedi master Yoda inscrutably refers to “the Force” during training sessions with his disciple, Luke Skywalker. Yoda informs Luke that he “must feel the Force around you.” Yoda himself is frequently seen assuming what may only be described as intergalactic yoga poses. Elsewhere in the […]

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Comparisons between the inner world and the outer world have been frequently drawn by philosophers, nature writers, and visual artists. For example, “seeing the universe in a grain of sand” is a well-known aphorism. The number of neurons in your brain has been compared to the number of stars in the Milky Way. The golden […]

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