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Vitality Healthcare is committed to nutrition in the Portage area. Our dietitian starts your diet counseling with the basics to find out what is appropriate for your body chemistry. Talk to one of our nutritionists today about a counseling session.

We Specialize in Dietitian

We want to help you in your quest for optimal health. Our diet counseling program will help you achieve nutrition goals with nutritional supplements and healthy food choices. Our dietitians start diet counseling by identifying the number of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that are appropriate for your body chemistry.

Then we decide on foods with the right amount of nutritional value for you. This helps us come up with a diet that is unique and specific to your physiology. We take into account your food sensitivities, food intolerance, and food allergies to reduce the toxic burden on your body. If you are looking for a dietician in the Portage area, give us a call.

Making Your Way To Our Office

We passionately offer dietitian care to those in Portage, MI, area. The southern Michigan city is the county of Kalamazoo and less than an hour’s drive north of the Indiana border. The city is home to Austin Lake and it is named after Moses Austin, who emigrated here in 1833. Portage offers its citizens a dynamic living environment, energized and sustained by the quality of life characteristics that are unmatched in the region. 

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The nutritionists at Vitality Healthcare provide diet counseling to help you reach your optimal health. Our diet counseling program will help you find supplements, vitamins, and diet to help you achieve your nutrition goals. If you are ready for a healthy change and looking for a dietician in the area, give us a call. 

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