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Have you been searching the web for a health seminar near you? Join us for our FREE Health & Wellness Solutions Seminar with Dr. Steven Osterhout DC, CCN right here at Vitality Healthcare. 

Did you know that your gut health is the root cause of many health issues and struggles in the body? Allergies, asthma, hormone imbalance, immune function, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, obesity and so much more are all tied to the gut. Here at Vitality Healthcare, we can help you get your gut health on track through services such as chiropractic, massage therapy, food and environmental allergy testing, natural detoxification services and so much more!

In this presentation, you will learn to:
– Prevent chronic diseases
– Decrease stress
– Avoid common foods that actually destroy your health
– Ensure optimal health and healing
– Easily get fit and maintain a healthy weight

Call (269) 323-4473 to reserve seats for you and your loved ones today or fill out the form below to be a part of this health seminar near you!

Upcoming Health Solutions Seminar Dates:

Thursday, April 25 at 6:15 pm

Thursday, May 9 at 6:15 pm

Thursday, May 23 at 6:15 pm

Thursday, June 6 at 6:15 pm

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Dr. Osterhout is a member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Academy of Environmental Medicine, ACA Council on Nutrition, and the non-profit Foundation for Wellness Professionals.

With his 15+ years of research, Dr.Osterhout offers a broad range of progressive holistic healing techniques for your health and wellness. He utilizes applied kinesiology, detoxification protocols, spinal screenings, computerized food, chemical, and pathogen sensitivity testing, as well as a comprehensive nutrition assessment. All in an effort to help you achieve your individual wellness goals, including health and fitness.

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