Our Services

Here at Vitality Healthcare in Portage, our integrative medicine approach treats the body as a whole by addressing the underlying causes of poor health. Our team of healthcare professionals at Vitality Healthcare will make specific nutrition recommendations based on your personal metabolic needs and health challenges.

The integrative medicine and nutrition team at Vitality Healthcare in Portage uses clinical exams, genetic testing, blood and urine testing as well as the most advanced computerized diagnostic technology. Vitality Healthcare utilizes individual biochemistry assessments for nutrition recommendations, teach lifestyle management techniques, and offer the most advanced detoxification protocols in the Portage area. This comprehensive approach to integrative medicine provides a platform to maximize your healing potential and minimize unnecessary treatments.

Our current services available include:

Regenerative Medicine

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy


Chiropractic Care


Natural Detoxification Protocols

Massage Therapy


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Genetic Optimization

Functional Medicine

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotic

Trigger Point

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Weight Loss

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