Success Stories

Dr. Countryman’s Success with Heart Problems and Leukemia

Dr. Osterhout saved my life! Until I was 62 I thought I was bulletproof. After that, things went downhill: first heart problems, then leukemia. In addition, my energy continued to rapidly decline. With good insurance, I had the best care in the area from public and university hospitals. I was taking six medications, heart surgery was recommended and chemo was scheduled to begin.

I was sick with little prospect of getting better. Detrimental side effects from the medications were anticipated by my doctors. They said I would be on the medications for the rest of my life. The discouraging thing about all this was that my doctors were only talking about slowing my illnesses.

That’s when I reconnected with Dr. O and everything changed. A former student of mine at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. O had continued his studies with advanced certifications in nutrition. During my first appointment, Dr. O was able to find the cause of why I became sick in the first place. That’s when I knew I was with the doctor who would help me get better. He advised me on how to correct my diet and gave me safe but effective nutritional support to help me heal myself.

That was ten months ago. Today I weigh 25 pounds less than I did, I take no medications, my energy level is better than it has been in years, my heart problems disappeared and my white blood count has dropped into the normal range. Although I still have work to do with Dr. O, by taking responsibility for what I put in my mouth and being coached by one of the best in the business, there is no doubt that this story will have a happy ending.

Thanks, Dr. O! You’re a remarkable healer and life coach!

Jim Countryman, DC

Paul’s Success With Inflammation & Skin Irritation

I originally came to Vitality Healthcare to treat chronic body pain in my wrists, knees, and feet. I also had skin rashes on my neck and the back of my arms. After long shifts at work on my feet, I was unable to walk. I had reconstructive surgery on my knee a few years ago and after any physical activity, it would become tight and inflamed. I started trigger point injections at Vitality Healthcare for the shoulder pain, elimination diet for my skin rashes where we discovered I have a sensitivity to gluten and dairy, and I started wearing orthotics in my shoes that took care of the foot and knee pain. Today, my knee is rarely inflamed, when I avoid wheat and dairy my rash is gone.

My advice to anyone with similar problems like mine, be proactive. It’s not normal to have inflammation and rashes. Go see Dr. O and get it taken care of!

Angela’s Success with Severe Back Pain

When I came to Dr. O for the first time, I was already in crisis mode. After getting out of my car one day, I immediately found myself with immense lower back pain-so debilitating, it hurt to move. I knew I needed help. I came to see Dr. O initially for that pain on my back.

The pain began about a month and a half ago and I must say it shocked me to my core. I’m an active person- I love to move and exercise-at the time I was on my feet for work all day and knew I would be transitioning into a new career in massage therapy- I knew I need to take action and invest in myself and my body. At one point I spent my entire lunch hour just lying on the floor because it hurt to move.

Although I came to Dr. O without any prescribed medication, I have found a renewed awareness that the techniques and comprehensive care I received at his office will continue to serve me so I won’t need them in the future. Through their coaching and lifestyle counseling, I’ve discovered healthier, more wholesome ways to take care of myself instead of popping a pill.

In hind sight, I’m grateful that this incident happened to me because it led me to this office. The pain in my back is gone.

Angela S.

Vitality Medical Weight Loss Works

Over the years I have tried Medical Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Zones, Nutrisystem and low-fat protocols with little success. With this program I didn’t have to buy food from the office, I could eat real food. I was held accountable with daily weight checks and weekly counseling, Best of all I was never hungry. I have struggled with my weight since I was 12 and this is the first plan that worked and continues working. Since starting the program, I already have more energy. I am also able to fit back into clothes from 6 years ago. My advice to anyone struggling with weight is to take it one day at a time and know that the staff at Vitality will be there to support you.”

– BB

Australia’s Success with Weight, Acne, Food Allergies and Depression

   I have been suffering for the past 15 years from depression, weight gain, acne, food allergies and low back pain. Today, I have been able to eliminate all of my medications. I also have lost weight and inches, been able to sleep at night and have my energy back! Natural Healing is the route God intended and this medical office is the source to one natural state. Plus, the staff know how to love you until you learn to love yourself.

Australia W.

Cathy’s Success with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low Back Pain, and Rosacea

I have suffered from these conditions for 15 years. My ongoing health issues minimized my quality of life. Vicious cycles of pain and discomfort, stress and frustration, depression and weight gain. After I attended my first Dr. O seminar, I eliminated Ibuprofen. I began treatment with Dr. O and within thirty days, I eliminated over-the-counter seasonal allergy medication. Today, I feel empowered! I am becoming an expert on the subject of me and my health. My 30-pound weight loss is just icing on the cake. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good.  Believe my story and the other success stories. Trust Dr. O to help you. It is hard work but at this point, what have you got to lose? You get what you put into this program. It’s about choices and I choose to be healthy and truly take care of myself. Take the first step, you are important!

Cathy M.

Kevin’s Success with High Cholesterol and Fatigue

In January of this year, I had a physical examination and blood work with my medical doctor. I was told my cholesterol was high and I might want to consider a statin drug. I was also suffering from fatigue and just not feeling that great. My quality of life was affecting my job and home life. This had been going on for the past few years. Even going for a walk was a struggle at times. I had no intention of taking a drug that had many possible side effects and fails to fix the problem. I had heard many wonderful things about Dr. Steven Osterhout and decided it was time.

Through his thorough testing methods and exams, I found out that I had some food sensitivities and was lacking certain vitamins and minerals. With his recommendations, I am beginning to reap the benefits of his care. I am biking, walking and working out without ANY fatigue. It has been awhile since I could say as much.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Oto anyone who wants an alternative to prescription drugs and is in need of a healthy living guide. He is compassionate toward his patients and truly cares about your well-being. He has a great staff! Dr. O’s Thursday night presentation is a must see!

Kevin D.

Racheal’s Success with Digestive Issues and Migraines

I have suffered from migraines, stomach problems, acid reflux, low energy, and simply a poor quality of life. I have been accepting these conditions as a part of life for at least 2 years. I haven’t been able to be a wife, mother, step-mother or simply myself that whole time. I have eliminated my acid reflux medication. Other than that, even doctors couldn’t prescribe for me any relief, so there weren’t any other medications. I would say I’m back to my old self except I feel better than that… It’s a whole new me! Plus, I’ve lost over 20 pounds. Don’t think about it, JUST DO IT! Take the leap and see Dr. O., unlessyou can’t handle feeling better than you thought possible. Thank you, Dr. O!!

Racheal L.

Caiden’s Success with Chronic Ear Infections

My son had been suffering from chronic ear infections and constant runny nose since he was born; he’s now 1 year old. His pediatrician stated that when he turns 1, he can have any food or liquids and milk was a good idea. So being that this was his Dr. saying it was ok for him to have, I stopped giving my son formula and switched him to conventional foods. That was a BIG NO for my son. After his first day on conventional foods, my son’s ears were inflamed and draining terribly. I was constantly wiping and cleaning his ears and changing his shirts (due to the fluid draining that bad!). He was only on these foods for 3 days. I took him to see Dr. O and Dr. O identified dairy and a few others as being the culprits. Within a couple days of being treated and tested by Dr. O, my son’s ears were cleared! Knowing that my son is highly sensitive to cow’s milk was an eye-opener! Dr. O recommended that I give him some safe alternatives. Since his visits with Dr. O, my son has not had any ear infections, draining or a runny nose! I cannot thank Dr. O enough for what he did!

Amy’s Success with Severe Pain, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes

When I walked into Dr. O’s office for the first time, I was a complete mess. I was having severe pain on my right side, under my ribs and down to my hip. The pain was always a 9-10, 24/7. I had been having the pain for almost 5 months when I started seeing Dr. O. I was off work for almost 4 months due to the pain. During this time, I really didn’t have a life. I slept most of the time, did not work, cook, or go out-nothing! During the 5 months, I saw a variety of doctors. Had all kinds of tests, all came back normal. I was placed on different pain medicines that didn’t even take the edge off.Today, I don’t take any pain medicine! And, I’ve also been able to stop taking high blood pressure medicine and my diabetes medication! I feel like I have been given my life back! I’ve had to make some changes, but they have all been positive and well worth it. There is hope! Even before the severe pain issue, I’ve had health issues my entire life. I finally feel like I’m healthy!

Amy W.

Danielle’s Success with Bloating, Constipation, and Chronic Fatigue 

 For years I struggled with eczema, bloating, constipation, and chronic fatigue. I met with several doctors and specialist following all of their advice but my symptoms persisted. Since beginning care with Dr. O I feel so much better! Changing my diet, doing Asyra, and using infrared sauna along with chiropractic care have made such a difference!

My eczema is gone and my bloating and constipation have subsided. Best of all, I have the energy to keep up with my kids. I cannot thank Dr. O and his staff enough for making such a difference in my life!

Danielle K.

Jenni’s Success with Crohn’s & Weight Loss 

My health and life has completely changed after I started care with Dr. O. Since I was a child I had frequent earaches which lead to antibiotics. As I grew up my inflammation moved to my stomach. I would have IBS issues in high school.

After starting treatment with Dr. O my stomach pain disappeared, and I also lost 20 pounds. I feel like I have more energy and a positive outlook on the rest of my life. Dr. O saved my life! I recommend his care to everyone in the 21st century. Everyone could benefit from his care!

Thank you so much, Dr. O, and everyone who helped on my journey to complete wellness!

Jenni M. 

Mark’s Success with Eczema, Allergies, Ulcerative Colitis  

I came to Dr. O for a lifestyle change, better health, eczema, allergies, & ulcerative colitis. I have been suffering from allergies and eczema my whole life. I have had ulcerative colitis for a year, and I also had a stroke a year ago. I have been able to eliminate my allergy medications and eczema creams. Today, I feel awesome. I have never felt better.

Dr. O and his staff are awesome. If people want to heal they need to follow what Dr. O & staff say. If you are committed to the program I feel confident that you will get results. I have no allergies and my eczema is gone. I have committed myself 100% to this program and I am proof that it works.I recommend Dr. O to everyone with diet and exercise. To Dr. O and the whole staff, I say thank you.            

Mark S. 

Rachel’s Success with Candida and Back Pain 

I had been suffering from lower back pain for over three months it was painful to move in any way.  The pain was dull and constant.  Previously I had problems with candida but it had always gone away for a few days but always came back.  The biggest problem that did not go away from taking a pill from a medical doctor lasted six weeks.  Walking and sitting was extremely uncomfortable.

After being treated by Dr. O I don’t have to take painkillers for PMS or cramping anymore.  I now feel great.  I learned that both my back problem and candida came from the foods I was eating and what I was drinking. After being treated by Dr. O, I can’t believe the other issues I didn’t realize that included bloating and feeling lousy without realizing it.  I am slimmer than I have ever been since being a freshman in high school over seven years ago.

I’ve also noticed I am calmer and clearer minded rather than having feelings of aggression and being reactive to what people say, which has affected my relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances! I have more energy and stopped consuming caffeine to keep me awake; because what I eat keeps my body and brain active, energized and less lethargic.  I feel in control of my health and in return my life.

Rachel P. 

Dianne’s Success with Overall Wellness and Weight Loss 

Initially, I sought treatment at the Center for Natural Healing & Nutrition due to spine alignment issues and inflammation.

Also, recently I am involved in a complete program (First Line Therapy) to address high cholesterol and triglycerides. My inflammation issues began about five years ago. It became increasingly difficult to go for long walks or complete cardio workouts due to the pain. As my triglycerides/ cholesterol increased these past two years my energy decreased.

I no longer take a statin medication for cholesterol. Also, I do not need any pain medication for my inflammation. Today, I can walk several miles, do yoga, pilates, and strength exercises pain-free. Due to my individualized plan at Vitality Healthcare, I have more energy and feel wonderful!

No matter what the complaint is I have learned Dr. O and his team can support a person’s goals. Additional benefits I have achieved are; 20-pound weight loss, nutritional education for my body, and most importantly the knowledge that with the right plan my body can heal itself. Knowledge is power.

I cannot thank Dr. O and his wonderful team enough for this amazing and continuing journey to wellness.

Dianne V.

Sam’s Success with Overall Wellness and Health

I had bloating and cracking ankles before seeing Dr. Osterhout. I have had this complaint for a few years and it has been very uncomfortable. I have no bloating since I have had my food sensitivities identified. My ankles don’t crack as much. I also went down two pant sizes.

I would tell other people who have similar complaints to follow what Dr. O tells you it will help you!

Sam D.

Anthony’s Success with Digestive and Gastric Stress

Over the last three years, my gastric stress progressively became worse.  It made eating and consumption of liquids unmanageable at times. It gradually became harder to breathe also.

I have not had to use antacid pills or any medication for gastric distress since starting care. I feel amazing. It really changed my life starting to come here. I have changed my diet which has also lead to more energy and better digestive health.

If you have a hard time not believing in alternative medicine or practices for your health issues give it a try.I did, and it was the best thing I have ever done!

Anthony S.

Lisa’s Success with Migraines, Fatigue, and Insomnia

I have been experiencing migraines for about 15 years and would also wake up with a headache almost every day for the past 8 years. I have had debilitating sleep disorders for about 8 years. These ailments have caused a very poor quality of life. I’ve been too tired to do too much or am constantly missing events due to migraines.

For the first time in 8 years, I’ve been able to sleep without the aid of medications! I also used to take some kind of medicine for headaches almost every single day. Now, my migraines have subsided considerably and I don’t have to take Excedrin every day because I no longer wake up with headaches!!!

I feel like I have a new lease on life! I’m able to exercise regularly (I was too tired to do it before) and other ailments that I didn’t even ask Dr. O to treat have been eliminated! I no longer have to stress about going to sleep or worry if I won’t be able to make an event due to sickness.

I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical about whether or not I would be able to feel better. I truly thought I was doomed to be sick and fatigued for the rest of my life. Dr. O has completely transformed my life! I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found him. If you want to feel better – GO SEE HIM! He’s truly a miracle worker!

Lisa G.

Sally’s Success with Improved Thyroid, Headaches, and Cholesterol

I have suffered from thyroid problems since I was 8 years old and have been taking medication for it since then. I have also suffered from high cholesterol since I was 18, headaches since I was 30, and ear pain since I was 52 years old. Taking medication is not normal, and I wanted to find a way to improve my health naturally.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. O’s, my thyroid is now in the middle to normal range. I feel so much better! I wish that I had sought care from Dr. O sooner.

I recommend that anyone suffering from the same issues that I was, or even different ones, seek treatment from Dr. O. It’s not normal to take medication to solve health issues. There are more natural ways to help your body heal.

Sally K.

Dorothy’s Success with Arthritis

In September 2012, I started having a lot of pain in my left knee. By December, I could barely walk the pain was so intense. I was taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen for the pain, but it wasn’t helping that much. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who x-rayed it and said that it was arthritis. He said that I was not yet ready for a knee replacement. I asked what he could do because walking was painful. He said that I could get shots in my knee. They would take about 6 weeks to start working and would only last 3-4 months and then I would need another shot.

I had heard about Dr. O from friends and decided I would see what he could do. I started seeing him in January 2013. My knee improved quite quickly. By March, I barely had any pain. I stopped taking the Ibuprofen and was also able to stop taking the antihistamines that I took every day just to keep from getting hives and rashes on my hands because I had so much inflammation. Today, I rarely have pain (even when I do, it’s very minimal) and even my allergies are much better.

I think that Dr. O can help almost anyone to be healthier and fix many different health issues. Arthritis was destroying my joints, and he stopped it.

Dorothy C.

Beth’s Success with Bacterial Infections, Rashes, Fatigue, and Kidney Stones

Working with Dr. O, I have lost 20 pounds, gained more energy, go off of my antidepressant, and all around feel healthier, happier, and younger. There is not a day that goes by I don’t have someone inquiring about my healthy lifestyle change and I am SO extremely proud to tell them my story. I highly recommend Dr. O to anyone who has not felt “normal” in a long time. He honestly gave me back my normal life to which I am truly grateful for.

I was exhausted from multiple doctor visits, medications, tests, blood work, and more doctor visits with NO answers. I honestly felt no hope and especially from the two doctors, I was meeting with almost on a monthly, if not bi-monthly basis.

ALL I wanted was my body back the way it used to be. ALL I wanted was to be myself again around my kids, husband, family, and friends. To Have energy, to not feel a constant sickness. ALL I wanted was to feel NORMAL.

It started in January 2012. I started having a monthly annoyance of yeast infections and bacterial infections on the inside and outside of my body. These would cause me to feel fatigued, sick, and just not myself. The doctor’s solution: Medication. Pills.

Around the same time, I noticed that my muscles and joints would hurt all of the time. I started feeling weird sensations in my legs and lower back. I was also tired and sick to my stomach. By November, I was diagnosed with kidney stones.

There wasn’t a day in those 10 months that I didn’t feel fatigued, sick to my stomach, achy, muscle/joint pain, and downright emotional. My body was not getting a break and it was dramatically affecting my life, my job, my family, my two young kids.

Then I started researching and found Dr. O. From day one of meeting him, I felt in sync with his thoughts and techniques. More tests were done to find I had 17 different food sensitivities. I also found out more reasons as to why my body was acting up.

Fast forward six months later, I am taking supplements, watching my diet, having adjustments, and thinking differently. I still have slip-ups with my diet or days where I remember what it was like before the start of my healing plan – it puts things into perspective for me. I have come a long way. More energy, more control, more happiness, MORE normalcies. I feel GREAT about this moment and the HUGE smile that is on my face because I feel NORMAL.

Beth N.

Julie’s Success with Improved Mental and Physical Wellbeing and Food Sensitivities

I have suffered from my mental and physical well-being for 17-18 years. I have also suffered from many food sensitivities. I was on more than five different types of medications to help with my mental health, and 2-3 for my blood pressure and acid reflux. I knew that there had to be a better way for me to improve my well-being without having to take so much medication.

I had heard about Dr. O and wanted to see how he could help me. Today, I am living a more health-conscious lifestyle and I am aware of all I can do, from eating, working out, managing my stress, and more. Dr. O has helped me to make the lifestyle changes that I needed to live a better life.

Life does not have to be hard. If you’re suffering from the same health concerns that I was or even different health concerns, find out what is going on. Dr. O can figure out the root cause of your symptoms and help you to live a better life. Life is good, ride hard!

Julie G.

Nicholas’ Success with Improved Mobility and Personal Health

For about five years, I had pain and numbness in my legs. I was having difficulty moving in the morning and my sinuses were becoming a problem. It was very difficult to sleep. I didn’t understand that these were all symptoms of a larger issue.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. O’s, I have not needed my allergy medication. I feel great! I am able to sleep better. I know immediately when I eat or do something that my body doesn’t like.

I recommend that everyone attend Dr. O’s W.O.W. (Workshop on Wellness) meeting to see what it’s all about! You’d be surprised at how much chiropractic and nutritional care can help.

Nicholas B.

Crystal’s Success with Migraines, Chronic Back and Neck Pain, IBS, and Acid Reflux

I have been suffering from migraines for 16+ years. I would get migraines at least 4 times a year when I was younger, increasing to at least once a month before seeking treatment with Dr. O. Some days when I was experiencing a migraine I was unable to get out of bed, but on other days I was able to “power through” and make it work.

I suffered from chronic back and neck pain for 10+ years. No matter how I am standing/sitting/laying I experience pain in one area or another of my back, neck, and spine.

I suffered from IBS for 18+ years. IBS has caused me to leave places early because of pain and embarrassment. I was afraid to eat certain foods because I had no idea what was causing the issue. I would feel bloated and uncomfortable very often.

I suffered from acid reflux for 16+ years. It would cause me to stay awake at night, and I would experience some degree of heartburn every day.

I am completely off all medications, even Tums and Motrin!

I feel MUCH less pain and inflammation than I used to. I am in the beginning of my chiropractic treatment to correct the problem, and I already notice a huge difference in my quality of living. I have been able to do yoga again, and try out Pilates!

It is the best thing I have ever done for my health and quality of living! I am also excited to report that I have lost 15 pounds since changing my lifestyle. A thousand times THANK YOU, Dr. O!

Crystal S.

Scott’s Success with O.C.D. and A.D.D.

Our journey with SFC began nearly 2 ½ years ago. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday. I remember leaving the office after Scott’s first 3 appointments, having a plan in place, with mixed emotions of wanting to cry and yet full of excitement for the challenge ahead. “What in the world am I going to fix for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?” How far we have come since then! Scott lost a few pounds and I felt great about the impact this was having on our family.

At the one-year mark, Scott was weaned off his medications for OCD and ADD, leaving the side effects of the medications behind. He has been off medication nearly 1 ½ years now.

Thank you, Dr. O for your persistence with us when we needed it and for your encouragement in helping us to see the big picture and press on. Thank you for taking the time! It means a lot to me not only to go through the motions but to know the why’s and how’s and have a good knowledge base and self-awareness. Without that, I would have given up long ago.

Scott W.

Suzanne’s Success with Lichen Sclerosis and Esophageal Spasms

I started seeing Dr.O for a skin condition; lichen sclerosis and esophageal spasms. I had these symptoms for three years and the skin condition had me concerned about skin cancer and the throat spasms made me concerned about what kind of food will cause another painful spasm. The steroid cream, prescribed by my medical doctor, made the skin condition worse, so I stopped taking it.

I feel hopeful today, that I’m on the right course of treatment, prescribed by Dr.O, which is natural and I haven’t had any esophageal spasms since using this plan of treatment.

Dr.O and his staff are very capable and informed on many health issues and their natural approach is what good medicine should be. I recommend Dr.O to my family and friends.

Suzanne D.

Peter’s Success with the 21 Day Detoxification Program

In early November with the help of Dr. O and the Vitality Healthcare staff, I began a 21-day detoxification program. After some initial testing to identify which nutrients were best for my body I was prescribed several supplements and SP Cleanse Protein Powder which I added to a daily fruit shake. Throughout the detox, I was monitored by Dr. O and tested to check the supplements and adjusted to help my body handle the detox.   I also exercised regularly but not every day.

With the support of Dr. O and his staff, I was able to lose 15 lbs in three weeks. (Weight that I had not been able to lose despite vigorous exercise) But more importantly, the detoxification allowed me to feel healthier and more energized than I have in years. My appetite is now sharper, I sleep better and I am just plain healthier. For me, the 21-day detox was the most efficient way to look better, feel better and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

When others notice or ask me about the change, I tell them about the program and how relatively easy it is to complete. I am amazed at the overall effect this has had on my health. When they ask me how I feel, I tell them I feel “younger”.

That’s a nice word for a 60-year-old man to be able to use!

Thanks to everyone at Vitality Healthcare for your support…Especially that incredible, talented, lovely, caring, intelligent Wellness Counselor, Sarah Brady!


Patty Clarke’s Success with Back Pain, Headaches, and Depression

Before being treated by Dr. O I suffered from back pain, headaches, and depression.  I have had back pain for 9 years and headaches for 4 years.

In working with Dr. O I was able to eliminate some of the medications I was taking and I feel so much better. Dr. O has helped me realize there is help out there and that I don’t have to settle with taking medications.

You should never stop looking for answers. Start looking for better nutrition and follow the holistic approach that Dr. O recommends.

Patty C.

Carolyn’s success with Low Energy, Allergies, and High Blood Pressure

Before being treated by Dr. O, I was sluggish, had allergies and high blood pressure. I also had a mastectomy in January.  I’ve been suffering for about 5 years and have had no energy.

I no longer need allergy pills or high blood pressure pills.  I feel great, high energy! I wake up every morning with joy in my heart because of Dr. O! I’m 68 and wish I would have started with Dr. O years ago.  I probably wouldn’t have gotten cancer.

Carolyn C.

Rachel’s Success with Strengthened Immune System and Allergies


My daughter, Rachel has been sick all her life. As an infant, she had a constant snotty nose and ear infection. As the years passed, Rachel became sicker and sicker. She was diagnosed with Autism, asthma, and had allergies. She was pale white and complained of headaches, stomachaches, backaches, and fatigue daily.

A friend told me about Dr. O. I had never heard of that kind of doctor. I was desperate and had absolutely nothing to lose. Dr. O was kind and compassionate right from the start. He really listened to Rachel and believed her.

Within a week, Rachel seemed to feel a little better. He drastically changed her diet and lifestyle and put her on supplements. Rachel was allergic to most of the foods she was eating every day. No doctor has ever asked what Rachel was eating or if she took vitamins. A few weeks went by and Rachel was playing, running, and laughing again. She has no more pain and her body can fight off colds.

Words cannot describe the gratitude I have in my heart for Dr. O and Staff. They go above and beyond for each patient. They have changed our lives for the better. Our whole family is eating healthier than ever. Rachel is off all the medications for her allergies and asthma. She doesn’t seem to have asthma anymore. She is doing better in school too. Our family will be patients for life! I’m telling the world about Dr. O. He’s an Angel who answers prayers for healing.

Rachel H.

Renae’s Success with Back pain, Sinuses, and Headaches

I have had low back pain since age 21, from a work-related injury. I have had headaches from sinus issues since childhood and stomach bloat for as long as I can remember. Soon after completing the wellness assessment and following Dr. O’s treatment plan, I started feeling better – no more sinus issues/headaches. My stomach no longer was bloating.

Now, I feel great! Dr. O has changed my way of living which changed my way of life. I am healthy and happy! I don’t have to use Motrin anymore for my back pain. I don’t use any sinus medication and nose sprays.

I could work in my garden all day and not have pain in my low back the next morning. I finally dropped the 15 pounds I have been trying to lose for the past 5 years. I am truly thankful for Dr. O – I feel better than ever!

Renae D.

Ed’s Success with Improved Breathing and Improved Sleep


I was mainly looking for a general overall health and wellness boost at the encouragement of my wife. My main benefit was not ever anticipated. By having all the factors of poor health addressed, I found a lifelong problem become unexpectedly improved by probably 80-90%, my breathing. My lung capacity and my sleep both improved in a big way, along with losing about 10 pounds in one month. I am no longer taking Excedrin pm and Tums on a regular basis (to sleep better).

I was on tap to have nose surgery like a couple of my siblings, but now I can actually breathe with my mouth closed! People have stopped asking me, “Do you have a cold? Or are you fighting allergies?”

Ed S.

(The photo is Ed running his first half marathon)

Angela’s Success with IBS, High Cholesterol, and ADHD


My name is Angela and I become a patient of Dr. O’s in December 2010. I was 33 years old but felt like I had the body of a 50-year-old. I had severe IBS, high cholesterol, was over-weight, pre-diabetic, and also struggled with ADHD. I was always fatigued, had nausea, cramping, and didn’t know why.

The office was very helpful with available books and counsel when I needed it. I saw results right away and I have never turned back. Dr. O was able to help me when other doctors just wanted to feed me pills. I no longer have any of those health issues and have totally overhauled the way I eat and take care of myself thanks to Vitality Healthcare

I am so thankful! Today, I feel amazing, energized, and younger. I have even lost 70 pounds! Good health is a choice. I believe that Dr. O can help anyone with getting on the right path to good health. I feel he has slowed down the aging process for me and has helped to put years back on my life!

Angela M.

Janice’s Success with Overcoming Hypothyroidism, Painful Joints, and Allergy Shots


The conditions for which I’ve sought treatment at Vitality Healthcare were: allergies, hypothyroidism, back and knee pain, and pain in my hand joints.

I’ve been suffering from allergies since birth, hypothyroidism since age 13, back pain since 1980, and painful joints since 2010.

Since I’ve been a patient with Dr. O, I’ve discontinued taking the two shots per week that I’ve received since 1985! Don’t judge what you have not tried. I am happier, more energetic, getting stronger, and delighted with the results to date.

Janice C.

Andrew’s Success with Focus, Concentration, and Better General Health


My mom thought I might have food sensitivities. I was forgetting a lot and that made school difficult at times. As long as I can remember, I haven’t been able to handle things as well as I do now. I never used medication before, but I feel a lot better than I did before. I think more clearly in general and I have fewer headaches. I feel calmer. This has happened over the last few months….it is a gradual change, but noticeable. I would recommend seeing Dr. O. I feel good and I want others to feel good too!

Andrew P.

Kelly’s Success with Blood Health and Allergy Improvement


I’m in a completely different state of health than when I first came in five years ago; a much better state! My digestive tract is working again! I have a blood disorder that I haven’t needed treatments for since three months after I’ve seen Dr. O.

My seasonal allergies are not nearly as bad as they used to be. My knee has had two surgeries and was achy all of the time – I couldn’t run on it. I now can run on this knee and it rarely gives me any trouble. My back was itchy all of the time and no longer is. There are so many little physiological things that were bothersome to me, and that I thought that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life, but that are no longer issues at all!

Also, before seeing Dr. O, I had lost over forty pounds of weight (and was underweight), and the doctors could not figure out why. I am now at a healthy weight! I had TMJ issues and no longer do! I truly believe that had I not started coming to Dr. O five years ago that I either would no longer be here on this earth or I would be very ill/nonfunctional, with many autoimmune diseases. I’ve experienced improved sleep, better mood, better ability to perform household chores, and I have more energy! I am very grateful for all of the help Dr. O has given me.

Kelly B.

Doug’s Success with Upset Stomach, Food Sensitivities, and Achy Joints


The conditions for which I sought treatment with Dr. O were food sensitivities, stomach upsets, and joint alignment problems. I’ve suffered from these particular complaints since my gallbladder was removed more than a few years ago. I changed my diet and added supplements per Dr. O’s treatment plan and my condition is greatly improved. My advice is to call Dr. O and attend one of his seminars!

Doug P.

Sue’s Success with Fatigue, Body Aches, Pain, and Mood Fluctuations


The symptoms I presented with were fatigue and mild to moderate aches in muscles and joints; low depression sometimes. The original conditions Dr. O found were leaky gut, followed by food allergies. Finally, we checked for pathogens and viruses. I have never taken prescription medications; I actually had never taken supplements except for probiotics and digestive enzymes until after Dr. O.

Today, I feel hopeful: I’ve seen and felt the tremendous change.  Knowing I am responsible for my own health and well-being is empowering, using that as my springboard, I feel the help and expertise that I receive from Dr. O compliment my goal of living and being vitally alive.

I advise towards a healthy diet; one that is balanced and preferably organic. Regular exercise and meditation are key mainstays to an overall sense of well-being in my experience. Most of all, desire and commitment to doing what it takes to get and stay well.

Sue T.

Dan’s Success with Heartburn, Digestion, and IBS

I feel great, with less fatigue and better sleeping patterns. I notice less bad breath and less soreness in my gums. Weight loss has been great, with thirty pounds alone in the first three weeks!

I never believed that I would not suffer from heartburn, and I love this pain-free life! Regarding my gums, Dr. O helped where the dentist could not.

Dan O.

Johanna’s Success with Hyper Parathyroid and Fatigue

JohannaT_HMT2012_wbstcompatible photo_1.jpg

My issues with hyper parathyroid, low Vitamin D, and blood sugar were discovered about two years before I found my way to Dr. O. Many symptoms are now gone; I no longer have dark circles under my eyes or ridges in my fingernails; I have normal Vitamin D, and I’ve lost thirty pounds!

Today I feel excellent, balanced and healthy! I am thinner, happier and able to move with little effort and I now think more clearly! My mood is balanced and I feel great! My advice to other patients is that the power to heal is within each of us. With a good doctor like Dr. O as a teacher and a lot of effort, we can all be naturally healthy!

Johanna T.

Bridget’s Success with Weight Loss and Energy Gain 


I have been having difficulties losing weight for about eight years and with everything I have tried, nothing seemed to work. Visits to Dr. O had helped my dad, so I gave it a shot. I would experience knee and ankle pain and my balance was off due to being overweight for 8 years. I also had very little energy.

Now that I am a patient for Dr. O’s, I have lost weight and have been able to eliminate both of my prescription medications. I feel great, and I have my energy back! My joints don’t bother me as often, and I have balance. My advice to people with similar issues is to try to stay away from substances that you are sensitive to. It really helps!

Bridget W.

Diane’s Success with Chronic Neck Pain, Poor Digestion, Eczema, and Mood Issues

 My reasons for visits to Vitality Healthcare and for treatment with Dr. O were: chronic pain in my neck and shoulders from knots, tight muscles, and reduced range of motion in those areas; eczema; digestive issues and mood swings. I’d been suffering from these conditions for years; they were limiting, distracting, irritating, painful and upsetting at times.

Now, I don’t need to use the steroid cream on eczema, and I’m not looking for the Ibuprofen for my neck or the Tums or baking soda for digestion issues. I feel relieved from the itching and discomfort of eczema; I’m more comfortable in my clothes (better digestion) and I feel “lighter” in the mood. I can turn my head from side to side with ease and can work for long periods of time without the back/shoulder/neck pain.

My advice to people with similar chief complaints is: Stop trying to fix things based on what you read about others and have Dr. O focus on what you need. Trust…Be Patient….Listen to Your Body!

Diane P.

Sean’s Success with ADHD and Stomach Aches

We brought our son, Sean to see Dr. O for hyper-reactivity and concentration issues, which he’d been expressing through his behavior for most of his life. Since coming to see Dr. O, we’ve been able to eliminate all of the previous medications Sean was on. Also, he is having an absolutely wonderful school year compared to last year! The difference between how he used to be before coming to see Dr. O and since being Dr. O’s patient is like the difference between night and day. (The difference is shocking in a positive way!) Our advice to you is to get to Dr. O immediately; you won’t regret the decision.

Sean K.’s parents

Michael’s Success with Energy Gain and Food Sensitivities


After three years of having to clear my throat, I feel much better today; I have more energy!  Before meeting Dr. O, I didn’t know that common food such as onions, oats, and corn could cause such problems.  By avoiding all the foods Dr. O identified that I have a sensitivity to, my throat cleared up in days and I lost 25 pounds in three months.

Michael W.

Jolene’s Success with Inflammation, Pain, and Fatigue


Near my two year anniversary of meeting Dr. Steven Osterhout, I’m recalling what he has done for me.  This has required regularly scheduled appointments, always resulting in positive results for me. I do occasionally argue with him, but he is always right.  He’s given me health security.  He “supplemented” me out of inflammation, infection, pain, and allergies.  Except for one or two weeks on penicillin for the infection, I no longer take over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Dr. O has increased my reach mobility toward upper cabinet shelves by one to two inches.  He’s increased time on my feet without resting by 60%, I can now control joint pain by 70%, thus greatly reducing fatigue.  The man has yet to fail to relieve any physical or emotional problem I experience.  He’s shown to me my psychological and physical weaknesses through his communication processes and weekly patient/client classes.  I’m still working on those weaknesses.  He desensitized me to the herpes zoster virus twice.  I took an M.D.-ordered vaccine, Zostavax, for shingles prevention the first week I met Dr. O., not thinking to discuss it with him.  Within two weeks, I developed small, clear blisters around my waist, toes and in my mouth. Last year I developed a cold sore on my tongue during the season change. He put me back in motion after osteoporosis and arthritis slowed me down and threatened my balance, especially on stairs. I was a 67-year-old retired ER/Specialty Unit Nurse just limping along, after my 45-year career.

Dr. O has the knowledge, will and ability to heal. Amazingly, he can make an anatomically precise finger placement onto a finite, tense, painful nerve-ending through dense, tense body tissue.  After he applies pressure and massage, the tissues relax and the pain is relieved.  An arsenal of cold lasers, frequency modulators and tissue/nerve stimulators he chooses to finish the job of relief at my visits.  HOW DOES HE DO IT?  The warmth of his personality, attitude, and fingertips just flow.  His communication techniques, with no pointed urging, tell you what you need to know and do to help yourself and prevent future problems. The staff members’ knowledge and support of Dr. O’s healing ability undoubtedly contribute to the positive results obtained from Vitality Healthcare of Portage, Michigan.

Jolene S.

Julia’s Success with Kidney Infections and Headaches


I began coming to see Dr. O because I was having re-occurring kidney infections, which led to stronger and stronger medications that I was allergic to. I also had IBS symptoms, headaches, skin rashes and itchy skin, arthritis-like pain in my fingers and toes, back pain and constant fatigue-all at the age of 30! All of my health issues had gotten worse in the last year but I had been dealing with them for about 4 years. Because I was tired all of the time and didn’t feel well, this has affected my mood with my family and friends… Now, I no longer have infections, so I no longer am on antibiotics. I don’t have headaches anymore, so I don’t even take Ibuprofen…I feel like a better wife and mom because I have the energy to enjoy life with my family. I don’t have stomach issues, headaches, arthritis-like pain, skin rashes or infections anymore…Traditional medicine was making my issues worse. It is so worth making some diet changes and taking some supplements. You can have your life back, just stick with it and listen to your body.

Julia S.

Doug’s Success with Nummular Eczema


I first developed a rash in 2009. My family doctor treated it with steroids and antibiotics. When that treatment didn’t work, he referred me to a dermatologist. After a biopsy, I was diagnosed with nummular eczema. We continued treatment for nummular eczema, but the rash continued to spread and get worse. By December 2009, my rash had spread to all of my body except my head. My clothes would stick to the open rash. By January 2010 we decided to go to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. As soon as I arrived, I was placed in the hospital and treated with wet wraps, which were head to toe medicated gauze wraps, which were changed every 3 hours around the clock for 9 days. They also did allergy testing and 3 more biopsies which diagnosed nummular eczema and an allergy to formaldehyde.

We returned home in February and studied all we could on formaldehyde and avoided it as much as we could, but the rash slowly returned. By October 2010 we were starting to get desperate, and that is when a co-worker recommended Dr. O. We came in for a visit and immediately began treatment.

I was tested for allergies to foods, chemicals, and nutritional deficiencies and was found to have a problem with many foods and formaldehyde. We began treatment for this and began footbaths to detoxify my body.

It is now June 2011 and I am happy to say that I have the cleanest skin I have had in years. The treatment and diet combination has worked. I am a living believer. My wife and I had nearly given up hope after seeing many different doctors. Dr. O and his staff have been very encouraging and helpful. I have recommended a friend to Dr. O and she also sings high praises.

Thank you, everyone, at Dr. O’s office. We think you are great!

Doug W.

Nathan’s Success with Irritated Stomach and Hypertension


I was having stomach irritation and some hypertension. I also dieted for years and had hit a plateau on losing weight. I was experiencing some aches and pains in my muscles and joints. The stomach irritation I had since I was an adolescent. I have dieted for around 10 years mostly watched what I ate and kept it healthy. The hypertension is a recent issue that I wanted to get under control. I had the aches and pains for several years and hypertension for about 10 months. Today, I feel amazing, energized and younger! I have lost at least one pound a week since I started Dr. O’s plan. Good health is a choice. I believe that Dr. O can help anyone with getting on the right path to good health.

Nathan G.

Jay’s Success with Back Pain


The reason for my initial visit to Vitality Healthcare was that I had a herniated a disc in my back and was told by a Neurosurgeon that I needed surgery.  I wanted to explore every path before having that surgery. I had back troubles for years but this episode started in March 2010 and I began visiting Vitality Healthcare in May 2010. I had been taking 8-10 7.5 mg Norco pain pills daily for almost 3 months. Today, I feel like a new man! My back pain is not perfect, but I do not need surgery according to the same neurosurgeon who said I did before. My back feels much better and so does the rest of me because I am eating healthier and living a better lifestyle. Don’t jump into surgery. It took me 4-5 months before all the pain went away but my patience was well worth it.

Jay V.

Julie’s Success with IBS


To the team at Vitality Healthcare:

The reason for my initial visit to your office was my 30 year battle with IBS. IBS is a condition that in my case caused chronic constipation. This resulted in fatigue, nausea, cramping and thinking twice about an active lifestyle away from home. I even questioned if traveling was worth it.

After my first visit to Dr. O, I began to see results. He was able to suggest supplements to promote healing of the digestive track and others that were the missing link to total wellness. I was also given a list of certain foods to stay away from as they did not agree with my system.

Today I feel amazingly well. I feel that Dr. O’s commitment to excellence and my commitment to his recommended plan for healing have brought about a new life for me. This new life has me functioning optimally, feeling my best and no sign of IBS.

So to those that suffer from the same condition, I would highly recommend Dr. O’s complete and total approach to wellness and healing of the chronic condition, IBS.


Julie S.

Dan’s Success with Hand Numbness


The reason for my initial treatment with Dr. O was that my left hand was going numb with major pain from the bicep down through my fingers. I had been experiencing this issue for three weeks before my first visit. I was waking up about 5-6 times a night and it was almost impossible to work.

Since my care with Dr. O, the use of my hand is back. It still goes numb on occasion but not nearly as bad as before and I am sleeping through the night. I have more energy, I’m less stressed and stronger.

Dan L.

Jen’s Success with Vertigo and Headaches


I was suffering from constant fatigue, vertigo, headaches and digestive issues. After numerous and expensive trips to the doctors with multiple tests, I still did not have answers! I had been having issues for 10 years and would get sick often, miss work and would need to rest after I ate. Today I feel FABULOUS! I have energy, lost weight without trying and have not had headaches, nausea or vertigo. Do not be afraid to try something new! Dr. O can help. He demonstrates empathy and does not give up!

Jennifer K.

Lauren’s Success with Skin Health


I have had skin issues both dry skin and eczema since the age of three. The past two years eczema has gotten to its worst point. Throughout my 20 year battle, I have seen countless traditional doctors, dermatologists, and naturopathic doctors all in search of answers. Last year I had constant flair ups on my face that would leave me feeling like I wanted to stay inside. I used to have to put lotion on my hands every few hours, I would walk around with bottles in my bag.

I now wake up in the morning put it on and do not reapply it until the following morning. My skin feels much more smooth and nourished and my eczema flair ups have diminished. I also used to suffer from breakouts of sores on my head and now because I stay away from chemicals that do not agree with my physiology as well as using hair products that are good for me, I have not seen a sore in months! I am now educated about my food and chemical sensitivities and am more aware of what is harmful to my body. I have treatments with Dr. O on a regular basis, desensitize, stress relief technique, Asyra treatments along with his unique adjustments.

I believe that the Lord has perfectly orchestrated Dr. O coming into my life. I am confident that sticking strictly to my protocol will be the answer I have prayed so long for because I already have begun to see significant changes. I appreciate how uplifting and educational he is and I look forward to continuing my healing journey towards optimum health!

Lauren W.

Mary’s Success with Heart Palpitations


My journey with Dr. O began about two months ago. I have blessed that God placed him in my life. About five weeks prior to me becoming a patient of Dr. O I was spending a day at the emergency room with terrible bruising all down my leg. I was also experiencing severe fatigue, breathing problems and heart palpitations. The palpitations were so severe that I would wake up in the middle of the night, feeling that day was going to be my last. My primary care physician at the time had me on Atenolol for the palpitations. That doctor had no idea why or what was causing my palpitations. From echocardiograms, x-rays and blood tests; every test would come back normal, I felt so helpless that no doctor would listen or help me. The bruising on my leg was caused by the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Feeling hopeless that I would have to live with this condition for the rest of my life, my prayers were heard. God blessed me, to be accepted by Dr. O to become one of his patients. Now, I am in the care of a doctor who actually cares and listens.

Dr. O has recommended an intense care plan for me that includes the lifestyle wellness program that addressed nutritional needs, food reactions, chemical sensitivities and emotional stress. Since I have started Dr. O’s protocol, I am not as irritated and am not waking up in a panic. I am no longer taking any medications. No more visits to the emergency room and I have been able to breathe deep for the first time in years. I was a smoker for over 20 years, so I never thought it would be possible. I have not felt this good in years. I am very blessed that Dr. O is my doctor of health and wellness.

I appreciated the care I received.

Dr. O was concerned and very knowledgeable!

Mary B.

Sue’s Success with Sinus Headaches and Blood Cholesterol


The reason for my initial visit to Dr. O was sore muscles, fatigue, high cholesterol and sinus issues. I was taking lots of over the counter pain relief and I was waking up in the middle of the night, not getting a good nights sleep.

I had been suffering for a long time – I even ran a half marathon and did not feel “better”.

I no longer have sinus headaches and I have greatly improved my vitamin D, cholesterol and blood sugar counts in just 12 weeks.

Listen to Dr. O. and take some small steps at a time – with each small step I became more confident and I am on board!

Sue P.

Beverly’s Success with Heart Burn, Depression


On Memorial Day of this year 2010, I found myself very ill. I was unable to take care of my home, my family or myself. I was unable to “feel well” for two successive days.

I suffered from heart burn all of the time, not just when I would lie down to sleep. My sleep was very unsatisfactory and I was tired all of the time. Needless to say, I was not happy and I was conducting myself in ways I had always deemed rude and disrespectful to others, unlike me in times previous.

I was told about Dr. O through our dentist, Dr. Susan Dennis. I have great respect for Dr. Dennis, so I took her recommendation and made an appointment.

Since the first of June, I have been coming regularly, doing what Dr. O has prescribed regarding diet and supplements. I must say I cannot tell you, how much better I am! It is a miracle!

No more heartburn, no more depression, lots more energy, a wonderful feeling of happiness, an appreciative family and the renewal of the old me! It can’t get any better than that. At the ripe age of 75 years, I look forward to the future.

Thanks to Dr. O and his staff.

Beverly B.

Kelliey’s Success with IBS and Migraines


The reason for my initial visit to Dr. Owas my IBS and migraines. I had suffered from my migraines for 10 plus years with severe migraines 2-3 times per month and less severe headaches at least 3-4 times per week. Now I only get a headache about 1 time every 2 weeks. IBS was an everyday issue with bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and pain on a daily basis, now I have none of that! I have been able to eliminate all medications except for one, which I am still on for migraines. Staying away from the foods that I was sensitive to and taking the right supplements got me to where I am now. Today, I feel AWESOME! I have not felt this good in a very long time! Thanks to Dr. O.

Kelliey V.

Evan’s Success with Immune Strengthening


Well, we are celebrating our one year anniversary under Dr. Osterhout’s care, and our children are healthier than they have ever been.

But the reason for this letter is our son, Evan. By way of a little background, Evan is a 15 year old, special needs (Down’s Syndrome) fabulous boy. However, he has been plagued his entire life by a constant barrage of ever stronger viruses; usually in the form of sinus or ear infections. Therefore, before we knew about Dr. O, we followed the advice of our family pediatrician and gave him constant, ever stronger, antibiotics. By the time Evan was 14 years old, he was on the strongest antibiotics made, and they were adding steroids to them to get them to work as he had become immune to all other antibiotics. In late 2008/early 2009 had endured 7 MONTHS of a sinus infection for which he was put on and off antibiotics every several weeks, because it kept coming back. This finally culminated in the infection eating down from his sinuses into his gum line, and poor Evan had to endure oral surgery and 7 ROOT CANALS!

Evan came under the care of Dr. Oin May of 2009, after the 7 months of constant antibiotics. After just THREE WEEKS under Dr. O’scare, Evan was off the antibiotics and has not had them once since!! If this is not a testament to Dr. O’s methods, I don’t know what is. We are now in January of 2010, which makes 8 months. The lack of viruses and illness has never happened since Evan was very young. In fact I can’t remember when. And there are so many other benefits, I am not sure we can list them all in one letter, but here we go:

Evan tested in at the beginning of the school year with a 98%  retention rate of last year’s material!! (Normal” kids don’t do that.) Now, Evan:

We truly believe Evan is smarter, as do his teachers at school, without exception.I could go on……and on…….but I think the above is enough to give you the right idea. I have never been so grateful to any physician or office I have ever known. Dr. O has given us the gift of health in our children. As a physician, I can not imagine a better calling in life, or a better compliment by a patient. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Molly G. and Family


I was referred to Dr. Steven Osterhout by a friend, because my 4-year-old daughter (Darby) had been plagued with seasonal ear infections, and no one could tell us why except to say it was common for children her age. And for some reason, she also had these small blisters all over her toes, and 4 out of 10 fingernails were lifting from the beds, as well as some toenails!!

I was leery about taking a child to a chiropractor, and might not have done so, had I not seen first hand some other children in Darby’s daycare change so dramatically under Dr. O’s care. So I decided to give it a try.

When January of 2009 hit and we went for our “check-up” at the ear doctor’s office (ENT, or ear, nose and throat specialist), we were informed they wanted to put a THIRD SET of ear tubes in my daughter!!! I was beside myself and just knew there had to be another reason for the ear infections, and what seemed to be constant use of stronger and stronger antibiotics to cure it.

Darby’s first visit to Dr. O was on January 9, 2009. By January 16, 2009, Dr. O had done the necessary tests to figure out Darby was sensitive to: milk, wheat, corn, soy, peanut, MSG and Splenda. I immediately removed those items from her diet. (The local health food store fell in love with me-and I with them.)

About 3 weeks later, Darby developed a fever and we took her to her pediatrician just to check to be sure it was not another ear infection; which I felt sure it was because I was so used to them. Indeed it was not; it was just a virus. However, as long as I was there, I had the doctor specifically check in her ears, and was informed BOTH ears were completely clear of all fluids!!!!! After only 3 weeks!!! This is something that had not happened since Darby was 11 months old, when I was still breastfeeding her. (By 18 months old, she had her first set of ear tubes surgically put in.)

Then on March 23, 2009(only 2 months after starting Dr. O’s program) I had another “check-up” appointment with Darby’s ENT. That was my target date when I started seeing Dr. O, as the ear doctor would be looking in Darby’s ears and tell me if the fluid was gone. Well, March 23, 2009 came, we went in, and Darby’s ears were clear!!! I will never forget how I felt on that day. Finally, finally, finally someone could tell me why my daughter was plagued by these ear infections. And Dr. O fixed it. Also by this time, Darby’s fingernails and toenails were completely healed, with beautiful new nails. I can never repay him for the gift of Darby’s health.

Darby has been removed from some of the medications/supplements she started out with and is feeling absolutely wonderful. Even she says: “Mama since Dr. O has us eating these healthier foods, I feel better.” That is a 4-year-old talking!! And you know if she didn’t feel better, she would be asking (begging) for her old favorite foods back.

Darby seems to be able to concentrate more easily, she sleeps better, she has cut way down on grinding her teeth at night, and she has not had one bad illness this winter; except for maybe small colds, etc. This past weekend she brought me a book she made at daycare, sat down, and READ the entire book to me!!! I know her increased abilities have to do with the way her body is feeling. She is sharp, her eyes are bright, and she is getting better and better all the time.

If you have family members, relatives or friends who are constantly getting illnesses, aches, and pains, and no one can tell them why give them Dr. O’s telephone number. It will be the best favor you ever did for them. I only wish we could take out billboards all over town!!!

I am now Dr. O’s biggest fan, and soon you will be too.

Molly G.


I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I found out in 2005 I had breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and did eight weeks of chemotherapy. I graduated from chemo and thought it was the end since it wasn’t in my lymph nodes but the cancer was just in the breast. I was having a little pain under my rib cage, tugging pain. My doctor did not want to just let it go, so I had bone scans and PET scans. The results came back; I had stage 4 breast cancer as well as in my liver and right hip, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, bilateral pelvis and high femoral neck (bones).

I started chemotherapy with shots of Lupron and Zometa every 3 months. I was tired, the top of my feet burned, my neck and lower back ached. My chiropractor found out about cancer in my bones and wouldn’t move me anymore. My neck really ached; I would also have tension in my neck adding to the pain. At the same time I was going through a divorce, so anxiety and stress were not helping me.

My friend invited me to a lecture by Dr. Osterhout, now known as Dr. O. In his lecture, Dr. O said he could help me and do gentle chiropractic techniques on my neck and back. Just what I needed! My job is physical. I work at WMU’s landscaping.

I started going to Dr. O. I have been going there now for about 6 to 8 months. He did the food sensitivity test and found out what supplements my body needs. I also drank Mt Dew for 20 some years. Dr. O encouraged me to stop drinking pop because it is bad for your body. Within 4 months, I was Mt Dew-free. Dr. O gave me suggestions of what to drink, I read labels, drank natural juices; staying away from what my body is sensitive to. Dr. O really cares; he takes the time to see what’s bothering you or what’s on your mind. I like Dr. O also for his work that connects to his spirituality. You know, Dr. O is a gift from God.

I feel better, my emotional state is better, my body doesn’t ache, and I am not constipated and bloated like I was. My feet don’t burn; I have a better understanding towards others. I had just had my annual scans and the result: no more cancer in the liver, just scar tissue where the cancer was. My bones are stable (no change) that is good, just tiny fragments in my spleen. I think Dr. O has helped me a lot. I continue to see him and I learn from him. I would recommend him. It works.

Carla J.


I am currently a Master’s student at Western Michigan University and also work full time for a local credit card department. With my busy lifestyle I am always looking for ways to improve my health. Prior to working with Dr. O I had severe stomach problems, which prevented me from eating certain foods. This created some conflicts because if I did happen to eat the wrong foods, I became sick and in pain. I assumed there was nothing I could do about it, until I heard about Dr. O’s holistic chiropractic healing services. He actually is able to help heal just about any sort of health issue using his techniques and natural supplements. I visited him and within a couple of months, my stomach problems were over! I can eat anything I want now! I have a lot more energy, I can think more clearly, and I can tell my immune system is strengthened. I have noticed little things like hair and fingernails growing faster. I also ran a 5k race in the local Borgess Run this year and shaved 4 minutes off of my time from last year! I continue to see Dr. O because there is always something that he can make better and I highly recommend him to everyone I talk to. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. O, he has changed my life. I am convinced that his services are essential to maintain my health and ultimately prolong my health; I know that anyone can benefit from Dr. O’s unique healing ability. Thanks Dr. O!

Sarah B.

Dear Dr. Steven Osterhout,

I wanted to let you and your staff know how much I appreciate all you have done for me in the past few months.

When I first came to you I was unable to go a day without taking my prescription allergy medication. Without the medication I would continually get cold-like symptoms that would last for weeks. I also suffered from extreme itching all over my body. The symptoms continued year round and did not seem to be tied to any specific seasonal trigger. When I was diagnosed with a ragweed allergy my allergist prescribed Allegra 180 to take during ragweed season. Surprisingly, this medication seemed to relieve my cold and itching symptoms. No physician could explain why this was happening-including the Mayo Clinic. They told me that as long as the medication worked I should continue to take it. I couldn’t understand why a seasonal allergy medication would need to be taken year-round. I am not a person who likes taking medication and having to Allegra daily concerned me. Allegra was not formulated to be taken daily. None of the doctors felt this was an issue and as long as my symptoms were relieved I should be content.

I am happy to say that I am now medication free and plan to stay that way. I truly believe that this is due to treatment and supplements I have received from you. Thank you.


Debbie L.


The success of terrific health is because I was introduced to Dr. O’s protocol and treatment plan just when I thought I was on the ‘right’ track.

For most of my adult life I have paid attention to my health; always exercising, eating very well-switching to organic when it became available, reading all sorts of health magazines and books, taking lots of supplements-anything that addressed any of my issues and always taking preventative supplements. Little did I know that all supplements are NOT created equal, nor are all supplements for all people!

Did I think about the fact that eating blueberries everyday might not be good for me, or that that one cup of delicious coffee a day (which is reported to be good for us) might not be? No, of course not…I had no clue that I was damaging myself! That I was innocently contributing to my future ill-health! I am so truly grateful to be on the REAL ‘right’ track now and for the remainder of my life-which I am anticipating to be a long time!

The headaches that I had experienced since my thirties, the pretty regular feeling of bloat, the muscle aches and general feeling of fatigue that I felt as I grew older were just accepted as sinus headaches brought on by a change in the barometer or the fact that I was ‘getting older’. Not so! After beginning regular treatments with Dr. O, eliminating the culprit foods that were reeking havoc on my gut; taking ‘clean’ supplements that tested compatible with my physiology and having Asyra testing done regularly to enhance my genes; I feel FANTASTIC!

I am now able to occasionally eat some of those culprits foods…I rarely have a headache and if I do, it isn’t from the barometric change, it is due to something I have injested which is not compatible with me…either a food or a supplement, I have Dr. O check and I am back on track!

We are truly blessed to have Dr. O in our community! Lucky, lucky us! I just wish that everyone knew of him so that they too could feel their absolute BEST!

Thank you, Dr. O!

Written with love,

Jude M.


I had chronic nasal congestion for almost forty years. This was a regular occurrence during the winter months. Finally, I experienced a cure when my wheat allergy was diagnosed by Dr. O. This nasal congestion resulted in sore throats and then ear infections. I accepted this as the way it would always be. It was an endless cycle during the winter. Conventional medication from the family doctor only treated the symptoms, and then only until the next episode. Today, I feel wonderful, relieved and blessed by God! I would recommend seeing Dr. O. A medical doctor could not help.

Michael K.


I had heard from co-workers about the lifestyle wellness assessment. Since I had developed allergies from the environment and to foods in the last 15 years that made me feel sickly most of the time. I decided to see what Dr. O could do to help my body return to a healthy state so my immune system did not see everything as an enemy. I also wondered what else was declining in my body. I had five surgeries in five years, the last being a hysterectomy. I never snapped back to my usual self after that one. I was always tired, suffered from headaches, hearing loss, sinus problems, depression, weight gain, memory difficulties, anxiety, and the allergies I never had before began to show, and increase as the years went by. Today I feel much better! The first week I noticed I began to sleep through an entire night and I was feeling refreshed in the morning. I have not had an anxiety attack, I lost 12 pounds, and my body aches are less and less each day. To people with a similar complaint, I would tell them about my experience working with Dr. O and what I feel the results are and then give them his phone number.

Joan H.

The reason for my initial visit was because of allergies and diabetes. I had constant headaches, dizziness; my blood sugars were out of control. I was so tired that I could barely function. I was going to work and church and nothing else. Now, my blood sugars have stabilized, I have lost weight, I no longer have headaches or dizziness. Today, I am feeling so much better! I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and my concentration is much better. Dr. O is fabulous! He is very sincere in wanting you to feel your best. There is no problem he is unwilling to help you with. I am so glad to be his patient!

Dana L.

The reason for my initial visit was lower back pain. I had been suffering from it for 35 years and at some points it would get so bad that I could not sleep and sometimes could barely walk. I now have decreased back pain, most days I am pain free. I now have fingernails that are stronger and keep growing! This is the first time in my life that I have had strong nails. It is great to come to an office where everyone is so positive! It is a joy to come here!

Judy F.


The reason for my initial visit to Dr. O was my lower back pain and the fact that I was taking Nexium for heartburn. I had the back pain for 10 years and had been taking the medication for 1 year. My back would periodically give out on me limiting my mobility. There were times that I had to crawl out of bed in the morning it hurt so badly. The reason for Nexium was due to swallowing difficulties, food would always get stuck in my throat. Dr. O made excellent progress; he said both problems were linked. I no longer have stiffness or pain in my back. I have not taken Nexium in several months and have no sign of swallowing problems or acid reflux. I feel 20 years younger! I am enjoying sports without any fear of back problems. I am exercising; I have lost 10 pounds and reduced my cholesterol. Dr. O said the Nexium decreased the HCL which is essential in breaking down foods. Dr. O cares about the overall health of the patient. He heals the problems instead of just dealing with the symptoms.

Jeff L.


The reason for my initial visit to Dr. O was my chronic back pain that never went away. I had pain for 5 years and was not able to exercise the way I wanted to. Today, I feel great! Dr. O changed my eating habits and added some supplements. He has helped me tremendously in balancing out my hormones; I get an Asyra every 6 weeks. Dr. O has helped me both physically and mentally. When I listened and follow his suggestions it worked! I can say my health has changed for the better.

Susan I.

I first brought my daughter Alexis in 4 years ago because she was bed wetting. At that time she was 6 years old. She always had to wear pull-ups at night and when she had sleepovers. After coming to Dr. O we saw immediate results in her. We eliminated some foods she tested sensitive to, gave her the supplements Dr.O recommended and Dr.O adjusted her at visits. One year ago I noticed Alexis having issues with concentration. Dr. O put her on a supplement and has helped tremendously with her schoolwork. I use Dr. O as the primary doctor for my children. When they get sick, they see Dr. O and he has always been able to provide for them. Rarely do I take them to see a medical doctor.

Alexis I.

We originally sought treatment for our daughter Selah because she was having trouble with digestion, sleeping and overall emotional health. She was ANGRY and in a constant state of fight.

Since Selah came to our family, she often seemed irritated. She cried often as a baby, did not focus or listen well, and had signs of allergies and stomach upset. In general she seemed to be in a state of constant duress. She spent a lot of time in time out to calm down. She didn’t seem to enjoy certain things with the family because of her behavior. She also seemed to struggle with learning at her potential because she would lose focus or get easily frustrated and distracted.

Every area has shown improvement. No tummy aches, No bad dreams. Focus has improved. Most importantly, she is so much calmer and at peace. She no longer shows signs of signs of being frustrated or easily angered. She has lost the drive to fight anything and anyone around her.

Dr O’s protocol works!! There is hope for great improvement through natural solutions. With her easily angered and highly anxious temperament, we have found relief. Our pediatrician had recommended a daily allergy pill which we chose not to do. We had also begun therapy-counseling but have stopped that as well since we do not feel it is necessary at this time. I can only imagine what medications would have been prescribed for her in the future had we not found Dr O.

Selah is now a normal, well adjusted, happy five year old.
Happy Parents

I originally heard about Dr. O when he came to our workplace to do a presentation on wellness and nutrition. After suffering for years with high blood pressure, reflux and arthritis I learned that food choices and nutrition could be contributing to all of my issues. Dr. O’s presentation was a real eye opener for me. My usual path was to call the doctor, get a prescription, feel better for a little while but never get to the root of the problem. After the presentation, I decided to make an appointment  with Dr. O and see if he could address some of my issuesThis ranked right up there as one of the best decisions I had ever made.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. O, I no longer take ANY arthritis or reflux medications. I had been on those prescriptions for 20 years. I am confident that very soon I will also be able to discontinue my high blood pressure meds.

The most astonishing and remarkable thing about all of this is that my body feels completely different. No more aches and pains. No inflammation in my joints. It doesn’t get any better than this! Well that is not true, on top of all of the other amazing results; I have lost 20 pounds and counting.

I would like to encourage anyone reading this to reach out to Dr. O and his team and let them help you. You will feel so much better. Life is way too short to not feel good when there is something you can do about it. Dr. O and his team of caring staff will help you every step of the way. They are very dedicated and passionate about what they do and they truly care.

Chris Z.

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